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Some background information and my curriculum vitae (Resume).

My name is Maurice Koreman. Born in 1973 in Rozenburg Z-H. I currently live in the beautiful city of Almere. In this special newly formed city I have found a place together with my children. Within this municipality I am also very committed to the needy residents who, (due to or due to whatever circumstances), cannot solve it themselves. Every request for help is “1” and together with our huge network of the municipality Almere, Companies, institutions and concerned residents, we solve the problems and unresolved issues of the residents of Almere.

I also like to be active and work on my fitness and physical condition through free-running and mountain biking. I also run my own production company/studio. As a ghost producer i do a lot of production work for dutch artists. Next to that i also do a lot of work for the theater and dance industry. Currently i’m working on a new project for the gaming industry. Together with a new team of developers we are building the future of NFT platforms. I’m assigned as the main sound developer/engineer. I can perfectly combine this hobby/job from home next to my daily work.

If I had to describe myself, these are my strengths;

  • Driven

  • Motivated

  • Team player & Team builder

  • Empathetic

  • Managerial

  • Communicative

  • Studious

  • Problem solving

  • Goal oriented

  • Insightful thinking

  • Process working

  • Accurate

I am a man of “don’t talk too long but tackle and just do it” and always try to think in solutions and improvements. After all, problems are facts that have often been there for too long and solutions are improvement goals to be achieved for the company and its team. I also like to try to be progressive in the development and growth of a company. The current market never stands still, so a company must at all times adopt a fast, flexible and adaptable position in accordance with the current market in order to always be one step ahead of the competition in order to gain a stronger and competitive position as a company. In this it is precisely the task and strength to hold on to that position. So I can think very analytically, but also make decisions where necessary and need to be tackled to prevent standstill and achieve growth. 

By working in as many branches as possible, in terms of Office Management, Logistics Management & Process Management, I have gained an enormously broad knowledge in many business areas. As a result, I have an extremely broad view of entire business processes, personnel management and company vision management.

I will briefly explain my past experience with some work examples of my latest and past work projects

  • DENSO Cooperation Weesp (50FTE)
    Denso is a global organization and leader in the automotive industry. The Repack department is located in the Weesp location. In this department car parts are repacked and prepared for the consumer market. In this department, Denso ran into a huge margin of error in terms of products coming back from the market. I helped Denso find this problem and force it back. This required a complete overhaul of the entire repack process and redesign of the work and logistics process. This was a 2 year project based position. In the end the team and I managed to reduce the margin of error to less than 1 percent with less staff and an optimized new workflow.


  • DSV Solutions Amsterdam (200FTE)

    DSV Location Amsterdam Noord is responsible for the storage and distribution of;
    * Cacao
    * Panasonic Battery Division
    * Huawei Mobile division
    * & many other small customers.

    At DSV I was mainly involved in the integration of the Huawei mobile division. Because of the media attention about Huawei and their outroll of the 5G, they saw their sales drop enormously. Relocation to a new and smaller location was therefore a necessity because of sales droppings. They were relocated within the DSV Amsterdam location so that they could cover the market in a more targeted way from a smaller location. For this redesign, the entire warehouse had to be adapted and operationally redesigned. This position was a project until Huawei was fully operational. As this was a reintegration within an already running operation, the entire warehouse workflow and work process had to be adjusted.

  • DSV Solutions Schiphol (50FTE)
    DSV Location at Schiphol was responsible for the distribution and rollout of the 5G network in the Netherlands. At the time, this was supplied by Huawei. The main problem at Schiphol location was the lack of logistical processes and workflows. By means of process design, training and implementation of workflows, we as a team have made it possible to improve and optimize the rollout of the 5G network. Unfortunately due to all the media attention, this project has been withdrawn from Huawei itself. They shut down the entire operation. Partly because of this, Huawei has opted for the relocation of their entire mobile division to a DSV location. Together with DSV and Huawei I moved to another DSV location. The Schiphol location has been completely closed down.


  • INSPEXX bv Amersfoort (80FTE internal and external employees)
    Inspexx is world leader in fire technical approval of electrical installations on behalf of insurance companies. They completely switched to an integration of the Microsoft 365 system. This position involved a six-month project in which a lot of hard work was done to merge all departments into 1 well-oiled organization. This required a lot of training, but also a lot of rethinking by the existing departments. Inspexx previously worked with 5 types of business systems that did not fully integrate. At Inspexx I was mainly concerned with the integration of all departments and the training of the staff.

  • KC De Kidsloods (20FTE)
    KC De Kidsloods is a unique childcare center that provides care for the social “outsiders”. Children who have nowhere to go are helped by this childcare center.
    At KC De Kids Loods I helped the childcare center to digitize everything for a period of 1 year. This concerned their entire work process, administration and financial administration. The staff also had to be retrained for this.

I am currently looking for an organization where I can put all my acquired experience into practice. There is always dynamics and movement within logistics. Every day is different and every logistical process presents a new dynamic and challenge every day. That is why I prefer to continue within logistics.

Of course I can tell all this nicely, but I would much rather introduce myself personally to your organization in a personal meeting. You can reach me directly at any time by clicking on the links below, or by clicking on the whatsapp button in the right cornor of this website for instant response;

• Send an email to me

• Call me directly on my phone +31 (0) 6 142 555 33

I’m looking forward to your reaction, question or offered vacancy soon.


Maurice M. Koreman

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