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On this page you can listen to some of my productions wich are created under different names each for different projects.

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This track is called “diversion” It was originally produced for a theatre production but not used in the end. There for this is a free release from my side.

Enjoy the track and spread on…..

Produced by maurice koreman (c) 2021

Geplaatst door Maurice Koreman op Dinsdag 26 oktober 2021



2020 is the year of the virus. Corona is it´s name. Lots of people died or became ill because of this virus. This song goes out to them….

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(c) 2021 Produced by Maurice Koreman at M.F. Studio’s in Almere, the Netherlands.

Geplaatst door M.F. – Modder Fokker op Donderdag 29 oktober 2020

This Deep trance piece is called “DARK MARCH” and was created for a group of very gifted dancers that i work with on several projects. More then 17 synths were specialy created for this mix. Some of the synths that where used are;
* Omnisphere
* Horrorbox
* Kick 2
* VPS Avenger
* Nexus

And then a lot of effects plug-ins where used to master this mix.

Please enjoy, and remember….Trance isn’t always about fast beats…It’s more about catching the right flow and taking you on a trip….

Maurice Koreman

Geplaatst door Trance-Script op Woensdag 10 april 2019

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